Up to Digital 4K 3D with a 7.1 THX Certified Dolby Surround System


Live  Productions

Live productions in all fields of Marketing and stage shows from development to production

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Intro production from scripting, preproduction, cast and crew services to shooting and even postproduction.

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 Developing, serving and supporting from all kinds of websites, social media profiles and networks.


360 Studios

Only the best in the game.


You're the Best Ever, when they see this 



From Ford to Lamborghini, these are the best automotive Super Bowl ads to ever air during the big game.

STOP Watching your company competitors take your market. Be ahead of the competiton, Take the Lead.

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Special Thanks to Canton Jones, Grammy Nomination,

Stellar Award Nomination, 3 Gospel Choice Awards

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Our First Show aired by 360 Studios produced by Micheal Surles, In The Mixx

Created by 360 Marketing of Atlanta Studios